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  1. Your content has to be related to PokemonChallenges in some way. Discussion about current and past runs is allowed. THIS IS NOT /r/pokemon! Memes about Pokemon with no relation to Jan will be deleted!

  2. This is an 18+ community. By participating in this subreddit you are confirming your age to be 18 or above. Joking about your age will not be tolerated here and revealing your age to not be 18+ (even jokingly) will result in a ban.

  3. No hate speech. This includes mentioning platforms with hateful content.

  4. Keep it SFW. No explicit sexual images or descriptions.

  5. No harassment of viewers, moderators or PC. Twitch chat rules apply here. If somebody asks you to stop a specific behaviour (e.g. making fun of/teasing them), you should stop that behaviour.

  6. Don’t post shady or illegal links. This means no linking ROMs.

  7. No gatekeeping. Don’t badger anybody over their ruleset or “cheating”. Don’t gatekeep anybody from this community.

  8. No personal Nuzlocke posts. Posts pertaining to your own nuzlocke runs as well as tech-support questions go in the stickied weekly discussion thread.

  9. No Formulaic Content. Don’t post Pokémon lists and other formulaic content. If you want to share this kind of content, check out the #pokemon-lists channel of our Discord.

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