Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen/Celadon City


[]Celadon City is the largest city in this game. Its Poké Mart has six stories; no wonder it needs an elevator! This city holds lots of new experiences for you. Challenge a Gym Leader, do some shopping, play the slot machines, get some cool new Pokemon and thwart an evil organization! You can expect to make this city your headquarters for some time.

Pokemon FRLG CeladonCity.png

Vending Machines
Fresh Water Pokebuck.png200
Soda Pop Pokebuck.png300
Lemonade Pokebuck.png350

Celadon Department Store[edit]

[]They sell all sorts of things here. On the 1st Floor you’ll find the reception and the Elevator at the back. On the 2nd Floor you’ll find all the normal items for your trip, as well as some TM’s. The 3rd Floor is filled with gamers trading Pokemon, and the man at the countertop is a Move Tutor that teaches Counter.

[]The 4th Floor holds evolutionary stones of all kinds. The 5th Floor is the most specialized of all. Expect to keep coming back to Celadon City only to visit the 5th Floor, as it is the only reliable source of Protein, Calcium, and other items that permanently boost the stats of your Pokemon. It also sells temporary boosts such as X Attack, which must be used during battle, and can certainly get you some victories.

[]Finally, at the rooftop you’ll find three vending machines and two people, including a little girl. Get a Fresh Water, a Soda Pop, and a Lemonade from the vending machine, and give it to the little girl one at a time. She’ll give you TM16 Light Screen, TM20 Safeguard, and TM33 Reflect, respectively, for your drinks.

[]Consider purchasing some extra drinks from these machines for the road ahead, as they are much cheaper and heal more than the Super Potions you’ve been using in the past.

Celadon Mansion[edit]

[]There is a huge building to the right of the department store that’s nearly empty inside. Talk to the old lady who’s surrounded by Pokémon on the first floor. She’ll give you the Tea, which you can give to any one of the Saffron City guards so they can let you through. You’ll also find the game’s programmers in this building, one of which will tell you to return after getting all the Pokémon. He’ll give you a diploma for catching all the Pokémon.

[]Now leave the mansion, and go in through the back door. Go all the way to the rooftop, where you’ll find a small building. Inside you’ll find a person and a Poké Ball on the table. Pick it up; it’s an Eevee!

#133 Eevee #134 Vaporeon
Pokemon 133Eevee.png You’ll pick up a Level 25 Eevee within the mansion. Eevee may not appear much at first, but it holds great potential within. []In Fire Red and Leaf Green, using a particular Evolution Stone will evolve Eevee into one of three great Pokemon that can fill much needed spots in your lineup.

[]Remember that there is only one Eevee in the game, so choose well!

Pokemon 134Vaporeon.pngIf you use a Water Stone on Eevee, he will evolve into Vaporeon. At this point in the game, Water Pokemon are scarce indeed, and Vaporeon can easily fill this spot for the rest of the game. []Vaporeon sports strong HP and Sp. Def stats, but will need good TM’s (and eventually HM Surf) to earn his keep until it can learn Aurora Beam at Level 36.

[]Vaporeon is a great Pokemon, however some players prefer to choose a different Eevee evolution, since later in the story, Lapras, a great Water/Ice Pokemon will also be available.

#135 Jolteon #136 Flareon
Pokemon 135Jolteon.pngIf you use a Thunder Stone on Eevee, he will evolve into Jolteon. Jolteon is easily one of the strongest Electric Pokemon in the game, with great Sp. Atk and Speed stats. []If you choose to obtain Jolteon, wait to evolve him when Eevee reaches level 30, so it can learn Bite from leveling up, and Double Kick from evolution.

[]Unfortunately, unlike Pikachu, Jolteon will not learn an Electric move on its own until level 52, so you will have to teach it some TM’s, like Shock Wave or Thunderbolt.

Pokemon 136Flareon.pngIf you use a Fire Stone on Eevee, he will evolve into Flareon. Flareon is a good Fire Pokemon, holding great Atk and Sp. Def. stats. []At this point in the game, the only Fire Pokemon available in the wild, are Growlithe (in Fire Red) and Vulpix (in Leaf Green). Consider raising a Flareon if you are playing Leaf Green, or are not willing wait for Growlithe to grow 20 Levels before it can get decent moves.

[]Flareon will learn Fire Spin at Level 36, but you should also teach it Flamethrower by TM.

Game Corner[edit]

[]Now go to the Game Corner, a place full of slot machines and people on them. This is Team Rocket’s racket, where you can win or buy coins in order to trade them for Pokémon, TM’s and other items in the building to the right of the Game Corner. At the top of the Game Corner, battle the Rocket member and then push the button on the poster. A staircase leading to the basement will appear. See Rocket Hideout for the walkthrough.

Playing the Slots[edit]

Held Items
Smoke Ball 800 C
Miracle Seed 1000 C
Charcoal 1000 C
Mystic Water 1000 C
Yellow Flute 1600 C

[]The restaurant south of the Game Corner has a man who’ll give you a Coin Case to carry your Game Corner coins. If you use your Item Finder inside the Game Corner, you’ll find a ton of coins just lying around on the floor! Talk to the players inside as well, and they might just gift you with some coins too.

[]The Items and TM’s here are unique, and cannot be found anywhere else in the game. While most of the Pokemon here are available later in the game, this place will also provide you the chance to get them now, if you are willing to pay for them.

[]The easiest way to get coins so you can get your hands on those wonderful items, TM’s and Pokemon is to buy them. 50 Coins are Pokebuck.png1000, and 500 Coins are Pokebuck.png10,000. This means, however, that you can easily blow your entire savings in buying just a couple of TM’s, so be careful.

[]You can always play the games and try your luck! In the middle of the room there is an old man playing the slots. In his row, the top two machines appear to offer better odds than any other machine in the room. If you are willing to risk your hard earned coins, these are the machines to use.

[]The technique to follow is this: Choose a machine. Gamble the maximum amount, and hit the A button button twice in quick succession. If you are lucky, you’ll get two “7”s in a row. Look at the third reel and try to predict the next “7”. With some practice, you should be able to hit it with some regularity, and get 300 coins a pop. Change machines immediately after getting triple “7”s, and repeat.

[]Good luck, and remember, SAVE every time before you try this out!

#127 Pinsir #123 Scyther
Pokemon 127Pinsir.png []Pinsir, exclusive for LeafGreen, is one of the few pure Bug Pokemon in the game. Pinsir is not severely expensive to purchase right now, but you may choose to wait and catch it at the Safari Zone.

[]Pinsir is arguably the strongest of the straight Bug-type Pokémon. This is important since Bug is one of two types that are good against Psychic Pokémon, a commonly used type among the Elite Four.

[]Its techniques are a little iffy as it obtains no Bug moves in this generation. Guillotine can K.O. in one shot, but only about 30% of the time, and Seismic Toss just does damage equal to its level.

Pokemon 123Scyther.png []Scyther, an exclusive for FireRed, is a part Bug/Flying Pokemon, an unfortunate mixture that leaves it vulnerable to six different attack types.

[]However, it’s quick. sturdy, and strong on the attack, and it’ll fare almost as well versus Psychic Pokémon as Pinsir. Its weaknesses make it a little risky to use under normal circumstances, but it sure looks cool.

[]Scyther may be too expensive to purchase right now, so it’s better to wait for the Safari Zone to get your hands on it.

#147 Dratini #137 Porygon
Pokemon 147Dratini.png []The Dratini family are the only Dragon-type Pokémon in the original game. You can purchase it here for a hefty amount of coins, or you can wait for the Safari Zone and get it for free.

[]As types go, the Dragon type is uniquely powerful, in that it has partial immunity to Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass, and is weak only to Ice and Dragon itself.

[]Be warned though, while its final form Dragonite, is a powerhouse, its previous forms Dratini and Dragonair, have mediocre stats, and lack a good moveset. Dratini evolves into Dragonair at level 30, and Dragonite at level 55.

Pokemon 137Porygon.png []Porygon, is quite an unique Pokemon, with a moveset that allows Porygon great versatility.

[]Conversion will change Porygon’s typeset to one of its own moves (thus it’s always capable of STAB), while Conversion 2 changes Porygon to a type that is resistant to its opponent. In addition, Recycle regenerates held items that have been consumed (such as Berries), and Recover will heal it for 1/2 HP.

[]Unfortunately Porygon’s stats are quite average all around, making its use quite a gamble. Porygon is unavailable anywhere else in the game, so if you really aim to finish that Pokedex, you’ll have to shell out those coins.

Other Stuff[edit]

[]There is an old man to the left of the Game Corner, and can be reached only by surfing across the water. He’s a Move Tutor, and can teach your Pokémon Softboiled.

[]While you’re in town, you can pick up HM02 Fly early. Head west to Route 16, use Cut on the small tree, and go through, continuing west. Stay to the bottom if you don’t want to be challenged by the couple, who will dual-battle you with a level 29 Rapidash and a level 29 Ninetales. Continue left until you arrive to a small house, and the girl within will grant you the HM!

Gym Battle[edit]

[]After beating Giovanni inside the Game Corner hideout, head to the gym by cutting the tree. Here you will battle Erika and other trainers. Erika is the trainer in the middle between the two trainers inside the enclosed area.


[]Fire and Flying are both super effective against Grass. Charmeleon or Pidgeotto will make quick work of Erika, especially if you picked up Fly beforehand. Vileplume knows both Poison and Stun powder, so respond in kind by stocking Antidotes and Parlyz Heals.

[]Beating Erika will grant you the Rainbow Badge, which will allow you to use Strength outside of battle, and all Pokemon up to Level 50 will obey without question. Additionally, Erika will gift you TM19 Giga Drain!

  • TM16 (Light Screen) (Given to you by a girl atop of Celadon Department Store in exchange for a Fresh Water)
  • TM20 (Safeguard) (Given to you by a girl atop of Celadon Department Store in exchange for a Soda Pop)
  • TM33 (Reflect) (Given to you by a girl atop of Celadon Department Store in exchange for a Lemonade)
  • Eevee (in Celadon Mansion’s roof, accessible through its back door)
  • Tea (Given to you at the Celadon Mansion’s 1F)
  • Coin Case (Given to you by a man in the restaurant)
  • Ether (In the path next to the Pokémon Center in the city’s northwest corner)
  • PP Up (Hidden in the northeast, past a cuttable tree, east of the Rocket Game Corner)
  • 10 coins (Hidden near the northwest of the entrance of the Game Corner, below the machines)
  • 10 coins (Hidden near the northeast of the entrance of the Game Corner, below the machines)
  • 10 Coins (Hidden in the west aisle of the Game Corner, found a step behind where the woman is sitting)
  • 20 Coins (Hidden in the southwest corner of the Game Corner, found on the ground near the end of the left aisle)
  • 10 Coins (Hidden in the middle aisle of the Game Corner, directly behind where the elderly man is sitting)
  • 20 Coins (Hidden near the middle aisle of the Game Corner, around the ground near the top left seat)
  • 10 Coins (Hidden near the northwest corner of the Game Corner, found around the left side of the counter)
  • 10 Coins (Hidden near the right side of the counter in the Game Corner)
  • 10 Coins (Hidden near the northeast corner of the Game Corner, on the ground in front of the wall separating the stairs)
  • 40 Coins (Hidden near the northeast corner of the Game Corner, on the ground between the wall separating the stairs and a slot machine)
  • 100 Coins (Hidden near the southeast corner of the Game Corner, a step away from the Printer)
  • TM19 (Giga Drain) (Given to you by the gym leader Erika after defeating them)